10 Ways to break Addiction


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  • Face Your Fears. Do not be afraid of facing your fears in life, JFK once said all we have to fear is fear it’s self and that is the truth.
  • Change: We are creatures of habit plain and simple, and we tend to do the same routine over and over. You need to change your routine as soon as possible to help change your life.
  • End a bad relationship. It can be extremely hard to feel stuck in a bad relationship. If you can’t see a future together, why not cut your losses and move on? It’s a cliché, but there really are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Remain Teachable.More specifically, find a mentor—a parent, a pastor, a teacher, a spiritual guide or just a person who is living as you would like to live.
  • Refine your goals. Pick a direction for your life and always work toward those goals, and try to stay on track.
  • Believe in YourselfYou must believe in yourself because not to many people in life will. Learn to love who you are far to many tend to think they are not good enough, or smart enough and that is just not the case.

  • Start a Blog. Believe it or not sometimes writing out all your soul has to bear will free you from so much pain, and who knows you might be the next big blogger out there?
  • Get Fit. The best think an addict can do is replace there old habit with a new one. And yes i have known a few that went from junkies to work out fanatics and look great.
  • Write a mission statement. HUH? write out your goals and dreams of where you want to be this time say next year? or five years. Heck make a vision board . and go from there.
  • Find a new Job. Sometimes in life it becomes so routine that it really is boring, challenge yourself and find a new job or path if you will for your life.


I hope these have been a help to you and yes i know it is easier to talk this shit than to do it. I was a Alcoholic myself and know that if you want change in your life you can make it happen and you might be surprised on how fast your life can change.




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